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Hello world,

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Smoosh; all natural, hand crafted, Bath + Body products rooted in community, creativity, and culture!

I’m Ashley Pearsall and my vision for Smoosh is simple:

  • Crafting moisture-rich soaps and butters for radiant, soft, and beautiful skin using unique blends of quality natural ingredients
  • Sharing my passion for a healthy, eco friendly lifestyle and traveling all over to discover the natural beauty secrets of different cultures passed down through generations

Creating has always been a part of my life. In fact motion design, graphic design, photography, illustration and design mentoring are some of my specialties.  Natural product mixology became a skill I grew into. Stories of my weekly adventures in making face masks and hair treatments led to a friend’s suggestion to try soap making. --Thanks girl! --

I quickly fell in love and Smoosh was born.

I’ve found that the greatest satisfaction from being a creator is making tangible artistry that can be enjoyed by all. Smoosh products are infused with my creative experience and the findings from beauty experiences of others in our global community.

That’s it. That is Smoosh, a collection of people, stories, ideas, and natural ingredients, all coming together in products to be shared.

Enjoy this beauty exploration with me and treat yourself to Smoosh!

Made in BKLYN

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